Journalistic investigations based on science and data

We delve into the best science available on the most relevant topics to highlight results and evidence that make a difference in people’s lives.

What we do

Data visualization and interactive infographics; multimedia projects and journalistic investigations based on science and data; videos for social media; documentary photography.

Where we’ve been

Our content has been replicated by some of the most important media outlets in the world: The Guardian, Mongabay, Estado de S. Paulo, G1, Valor, BBC, O Globo, National Geographic Brazil and others.

We are many!

Our Facebook Community brings together academics and media professionals with physical events, digital meetings and discussions that have influenced the mainstream media coverage.


Silent Forest

A platform for visualizing data on the degradation of the Amazon rainforest, based on a paper published in Nature. This was a partnership with the Sustainable Amazon Network (RAS) that relied on support from InfoAmazonia.Org.

Journalistic articles

Authored by scientists and edited by journalists – scientific articles and expert texts converted into concise, easy-to-read news articles. The content is offered to the press free of charge.

Videos for social networks

viral videos based on essential scientific work, like this one on the state of the igarapés in the Amazon in partnership with RAS.

Sustainable Amazon Policy Briefs

A series of five summaries for decision makers and opinion leaders based on RAS’s scientific work: Igarapés, Fires, Forests, Legislation and Landscapes.



"I have always wanted to share the results of our research as widely as possible and thus have a better chance of contributing to a better society. I believe that the involvement of society in the various stages of science is fundamental. Through Ambiental, we are pleased to pursue these goals."

Joice Ferreira
Researcher at Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

"Working with Ambiental has been rewarding. They were instrumental in developing an effective engagement strategy for the Sustainable Amazon Network, helping us to spread the discoveries to millions more than we would have otherwise. "

Jos Barlow
Researcher at Lancaster University's Environment Center

"A great initiative to advance environmental and scientific journalism in Brazil."

Emilio M. Bruna
Professor, Department of Tropical Conservation, University of Florida

"At a time when climate denialism, scientific illiteracy and "alternative facts" seem to be rampant, the existence of organizations that devote all their efforts to disseminating scientific information is more crucial than ever. Ambiental Media is one of them. It's scientific journalism at its best."

Alberto Cairo
Director of the Visualization Program at the Center for Computational Sciences of the University of Miami

"A new frontier in scientific journalism. Entrepreneurship and a passion for transcending the barriers of scientific communication are the hallmarks of the initiative. Ambiental Media has been an indispensable partner, promoting vital connections between our work and some of the best journalists and communicators in Brazil."

Toby Gardner
Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and member of RAS Steering Committee

"Ambiental Media offers a valuable service with the potential to benefit not only scientists – whose work deserves to reach a growing audience – but also news consumers. Often alienated by technical barriers, these readers can now discover a new and attractive path to the wonderful world of scientific discovery."

Jeremy Caplan
Director of Education at the Tow-Knight Center for Journalism Entrepreneur, City University of New York (Cuny)