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AMBIENTAL transforms scientific content into innovative, attractive and accessible Journalism. We work to disseminate Science to a general audience and to strengthen a sense of community among media professionals and members of the Academy. We offer media tools and communication solutions for organizations, universities, institutes and research networks.

We believe in the importance of Journalism to communicate the most urgent issues addressed by Science. We seek to fund our projects through partnerships in alignment with our values and do not aim for profit: Any surplus is used in to create relevant content.

These are some of the services we provide to our partners:


Data visualization, multimedia reports, studies and analysis, interactive maps, charts, infographics and illustrations, social media videos, articles (written by scientists, edited by journalists), art and design edition, ebooks.


Policy Briefs, web design, visual presentations, videos, infographics and illustrations, support for event organization (lectures, symposiums, conferences), translation, social media management, media interface, visual identity, multimedia storytelling.



A data visualization platform on degradation in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Based on a scientific paper published by Nature. A project in partnership with the Rede Amazônia Sustentável (RAS) and with support of InfoAmazonia.Org.


Scientists are authors, journalists are editors: Concise and compelling texts, four-handed created from scientific papers or inspired by researcher’s field experience. Ambiental Media articles were replicated by mainstream media outlets worldwide, and shared by thousands on social media.

Information Graphics
and Visualization

Maps, illustrations and charts: Data visualizations created from scientific data bases to make knowledge compelling and accessible. Ideal for social media, journalistic pieces, technical reports.

Amazonia Policy Briefs

A series of summaries designed for decision makers. Based on relevant papers of the Sustainable Amazon Network (RAS), they cover relevant topics: Igarapés, Incêndios, Florestas, Legislação Ambiental e Paisagens.


Landing page for a seminar in Brazilian state of Pará that brought together researchers, civil society leaders and decision makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities regarding conservation in Eastern Amazonia.

Videos for
Social Networks

The VIDEOS, GIFS, INFOGRAPHICS and ILLUSTRATIONS posted on our public Facebook page have had 50,000 views. These prototypes prove the potential of Ambiental’s search for innovative formats to communicate science.


Climate change manifests itself in Amazonia in extremes that are difficult to predict and that challenge the traditional knowledge of fishermen. A multimedia report in partnership with InfoAmazonia, funded by EJN.


By applying a deforestation model based on historical rates, scientists came to a conclusion: Life in Amazonia will not survive more than two centuries. An InfoAmazonia project, with support from Ambiental team.



in the first year of our Facebook private community, as well as several virtual meetings, free online classes and discussions that influenced the coverage of mainstream media


in our Facebook community, the private group Ambiental Media, formed by scientists, journalists, photographers, programmers, videomakers, designers

of users

in the expanded audience. Our maps and infographics were replicated by The Guardian, Estadão, Mongabay, Nexo, Valor Econômico, among others

50 K

videos, gifs, infographics and illustrations published in our channels on Facebook and Twitter were viewed and shared by thousands of users


Founder and Editor

Journalist and writer, is founder and editor of Ambiental. Contribute editor at InfoAmazonia and freelance writer for National Geographic Brasil, where he was previously an editor (2001-2013). Fellow at the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ, 2015); certificated in Entrepreneurial Journalism by the City University of New York (Cuny, 2016); Panelist in two sessions at the World Conference of Science Journalism (WCSJ, 2017).

Flavio Forner

Photographer and Web Developer

Co-founder of Ambiental, works with photography, video and web development focused on journalistic content. A partner in projects for Conservation International (CI), Forner has published at the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, O Estado de S.Paulo and Folha de S.Paulo; also contributed to BBC, Al Jazeera and TV Cultura. Awarded by the Society for News Design in 2010.

Felipe Valente

Social Media Coordinator

Adman graduated from the Cásper Líbero Faculty, is a co-founder of Ambiental and one of the managers of its community. Copywriter and scriptwriter, he has already carried out special projects of proprietary content for companies and institutions.


Ronaldo Ribeiro

National Geographic Brasil

Senior editor of National Geographic Brasil magazine for the last 15 years, Ribeiro was the founder and editor of “Os Caminhos da Terra” magazine, pioneer publication in the coverage of environmental conservation in Brazil.

Patrícia Gomes


Manager at JOTA, where she helps the media team create some amazing ideas. Prior to JOTA, Paty spent time in Silicon Valley developing interactive journalism projects at EdSurge. She has a master’s degree in Media, Strategy and Leadership at Northwestern University with a grant from the Ling Institute. She was in the team that launched Porvir and was previously a copywriter, reporter and education editor at Folha de S.Paulo.

Gustavo Faleiros


Journalist with a Masters in Environmental Policy from King’s College London. He was a reporter and correspondent in Brasilia for Valor Econômico newspaper, as well as editor and executive director of OEco. Twice a Knight from the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), he is currently coordinating InfoAmazonia and teaching digital journalism at Emerson College.

Adriana Martinez

Orbital Mídia

Journalist and consultant in strategic design and digital media, Adriana is Director of Operations of Projor – Institute for the Development of Journalism in Brazil. She has a master’s degree from the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (USP) and was J.S.Knight fellow at Stanford University, California (2012/2013). She has worked as a reporter, editor and international correspondent in vehicles such as Reuters, Folha de S.Paulo, VejaSP and Exame. She was also Director of Digital Communication for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Founder of Orbital Media, a group that promotes innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in journalism through startup and Design Thinking methodologies.


Edgardo Latrubesse
University of Texas at Austin, Department of Geography and Environment

Luís Fábio Silveira
University of São Paulo (USP), Museum of Zoology

Pérola Felipette Brocaneli
Mackenzie Presbyterian University, FAU-Mackenzie

Toby Gardner
Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI)

“A new frontier in science journalism. Entrepreneurship and passion for transcending the barriers of scientific communication are hallmarks of the initiative. Ambiental has been an indispensable partner, promoting vital connections between our work and some of the best journalists and communicators in Brazil."

Toby Gardner
Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and member of RAS Steering Committee

"A great initiative to foster environmental and scientific journalism in Brazil"

Emilio M. Bruna
Professor, Department of Tropical Conservation, University of Florida

"Ambiental Media offers a valuable service, with potential to benefit not only scientists - whose work deserves to reach a growing audience - but also the news consumer. Often removed by technical barriers, this reader can now discover a new and attractive path to the wonderful world of scientific discovery."

Jeremy Caplan
Director of Education at the Tow-Knight Center for Journalism Entrepreneur, City University of New York (Cuny)

"At a time when climate denial, scientific illiteracy and ‘alternative facts’ seem to be rampant, the existence of organizations that devote all their efforts to disseminate scientific information is more crucial than ever. Ambiental is one of them. It's scientific journalism at its best."

Alberto Cairo
Director of the Visualization Program at the Center for Computational Sciences of the University of Miami



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