“We bring together the best scientists and media professionals to provide news and information about Brazil’s major challenges”

Ambiental is a Brazilian independent news content platform focused on the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public. It is a media outlet where journalists, scientists, programmers, developers, photographers and video-makers can join forces to generate reliable and free content.

Our goals are to offer attractive and quality content to the society, as well as provide media tools to researchers with interest in expanding the results of their work’s scope. To achieve that, we’ve developed a very visual platform, valuing the rich photographic and audiovisual productions in Brazil, in which the content will be presented in different formats. Except for a few pieces where copyright is involved (easily identifiable on the pages themselves), all reports and articles published in Ambiental may be freely replicated in other media over Creative Commons criteria.

Though there is no thematic limitation in our website (all-embracing, such as science), Ambiental has a strong environmental inspiration, especially when it comes to issues related to the Amazon Forest and to the global climate change. We believe that the largest rainforest on the planet is scene of extremely important events with immediate impacts for local people (the vast majority, living apart of the digital world) and later consequences of global relevance.

Finally, we state that Ambiental borns as a non-profit project. That said, we do recognize the inherent challenges in digital journalism projects and we’ll make constant revaluations of our business model. If necessary, changes may occur, as long as they do not represent any threat to our most essential values: editorial independence and credibility.

Long life to quality information and to knowledge’s transformation power.